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Juan Cangas is a nationally known youth motivational speaker. His message challenges youth and encourages them to find their own motivation to succeed and make positive choices in their lives. As a top latino youth speaker he utilizes his life experiences and crazy humor to help inspire and coach students during every encounter.

Juan Cangas had to find his own motivation to succeed as a Latino youth wrestling with the challenges of life. His drive to overcome barriers (drug addiction, gang influence, & hopelessness) and desire to make his mother proud helped him become the first person in his family to attend college.

Juan is an authority in youth leadership development, with over 8 years of experience inspiring students from all walks of life. He co-founded the THRIVE Leadership Club (2011); an after-school program who’s mission is to help unite and equip students from different cultures (Nepal, Karen, Somalia, Latin America, etc.) and empower them to become servant leaders in their communities.


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What people are saying

Juan is an excellent speaker/facilitator that is doing this line of work for the right reasons, which is for the students! Juan is full of energy and has the passion to leave a long-lasting impression with our youth.

Ernesto Mejia
Professional Speaker & Vice President at CoolSpeak

What people are saying


Juan inspires, motivates, and energizes students with his personal story of overcoming adversity and discovering his purpose in life.

Rony Ortega, Ed. D. Executive Director at Omaha Public Schools

What people are saying


Juan has the “It Factor” when it comes to inspiring kids and creating a contagious energy with young learners. Juan’s passion for his students’ success has taken many of our non-believing and hopeless- feeling students, to motivated and hopeful of a future they can be proud of…from, “I might graduate from high school” to “I WILL go to college!”

Cara Churchich-Riggs
Retired Principal of Omaha South High Magnet School
Dynamic Educational Consultant and Seasoned Administrative Leader.


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